News Updates

We are happy to announce that we are moving the Mr./Ms. Buffalo Championships to the Niagara Falls Convention Center on April 5th, 2014. We had a record turn-out in 2013 and cramming any more people in UB would not provide the experience we have all come to expect. I listened and watched you this past year, and we want to be able to provide you a bigger venue where trainers can help prepare their competitors backstage and where food and drink are available inside the event area.

Tickets are now on sale through TicketFly or by phone at 877-987-6487!

New this year... Backstage Trainer Credentials! Click here for more information!

On behalf of all of us that promote the Mr./Ms. Buffalo Bodybuilding and Figure championships®, we would like to thank all of the competitors and their families for their support over the last 50+ years. My father; Joe Sr. won the Mr. Buffalo in 1954. I followed in 1990. Joe Sr. went on to win the Mr. N. America and me the Mr. USA (mw). We both hold great passion for the sport and great admiration for the competitors that push themselves to be the best. Our goal is to promote the Mr./Ms. Buffalo with the competitor in mind. Whether it is their first time or they are a perennial favorite, we want them to enjoy the experience of pushing themselves to be the best.

This contest is in honor of them.

Joe Lazzaro